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Your Pictures Are Too Priceless To Put Off

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

You probably have thousands of pictures on your phone and think you'll do something with them someday in the future when life slows down a little, right?

Well, the ONLY reason your future seems less busy is because it's not here yet! And once it comes, you will see it's just as busy as your life right now! (Ask anyone who is retired... they are just as busy, if not busier, now than when they were working and raising a family!)

So if you plan to continue taking digital pictures, quit with the excuses and figure out a system that works for you now so you can start organizing all those amazing memories you've captured of your favorite people, places and experiences!

In one, five, ten years from now you'll be grateful you got started back in 2021! Here are a few ideas... just pick ONE and go!

  1. Go through ONE MONTH'S pictures each night for a week. Start with August 2021 today, July 2021 tomorrow, June 2021 on Thursday and so on. As you scroll through delete any junk pics or doubles. By next Tuesday, you'll have cleaned up all your 2021 pics so far!

  2. Create a yearly album on your phone in whatever platform you use (iPhoto, Google Photos, etc...) Title it "2021" and add ALL your pictures from January 1st until today. Each night for a week create a new yearly album (Wednesday- 2020, Thursday- 2019, Friday 2018, etc...) and add all the pictures from that year. By next Tuesday you'll have pictures from the last 7 years in organized albums.

  3. If you need a little more step-by-step direction, check out any of our past "Tuesday's Tips 4 Pics" focused solely on organization right here. Scroll through and pick ONE that sounds like something you could use!

And if you need EVEN MORE support, you can take our "Digital Picture Bootcamp" starting September 1st!

This online class will walk you step-by-step through:

  • Setting up Google Photos

  • Syncing ALL the digital pictures from your phone into this cloud platform

  • Organizing your digital pictures into albums

  • How to clean up and declutter your pictures

  • Set up multiple tools in Google Photos that offer automation so you don't have to even think about organizing in the future!

Once you have a few tools under your belt and have started to organize your digital pictures, you can start printing your pictures too! Because let's be real, how often do you really scroll through your phone or Facebook account to look at memories from the past?

Having printed pics also allows your family's story to be shared with future generations because God knows they won't be scrolling through old phones or Facebook accounts either!

As always, let me know if I can help you in any way on your picture journey! Between weekly tips, online classes and custom photo book services there's something for everyone!

All the best,


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