Tuesday's Tips 4 Pics

Would You Consider Yourself a Hoarder? We ALL Are When it Comes to Pictures!

So. Much. Clutter.

No one ever PLANS to have clutter... it just happens! Whether it's piles on your kitchen counter, mail you've been avoiding or the never-ending stack of to-dos at home or work, we all have it in one way or another! And after 20+ years of taking digital photos, most of us have tens of thousands of pictures on our phones in the form of DIGITAL CLUTTER! However, cleaning up this clutter never really hits the top of the list because we don't have to look at it like we do other types of clutter. But, as you probably already know, digital clutter can lead to problems of its own!

One problem is that you will run out of FREE storage in iPhoto, Google Photos or whatever platform you use. You will then feel forced into buying more storage but ultimately you are just buying more space to store more clutter.

Another problem of digital clutter is that it can make finding photos more difficult. We've all been there... you want to quickly show someone a photo but can't seem to find it because you have so many pictures to scroll through! This can be incredibly frustrating when you KNOW the picture is on your phone somewhere!

Printing your photos can be overwhelming! When you have tens of thousands of pictures on your phone trying to figure out who, what, where, when, how to get them printed can be daunting, to say the least!

Think about it... how often did you use to print pictures before they were digital? How often do you print pictures now?

Lucky for you, cleaning up digital clutter is quick and easy since you have your phone nearby 24/7! Simply, swap out the time you spend scrolling through other people's pictures on social media while you're standing in line at the store, waiting for your kids/grandkids after school or while you're sitting on the couch watching your favorite show at night and DELETE all that junk that's been sitting on your phone for years! This is truly the quickest and easiest way to start small in cleaning up your digital photos. DELETE TO DECLUTTER

  • If you stink at time management, start a 5-minute timer

  • Open your camera roll, iPhoto, Google Photos or wherever you have pictures stored on your phone

  • Scroll through and delete

  • screenshots

  • accidental photos you took of the ground, your couch, etc..

  • multiple copies- find the best version of that moment and delete the rest!

Repeat these same steps a few times this week and you will be amazed at how easy it is to get rid of all that junk that has been taking up space for far too long! And unless you took all of those pictures over the last 20+ years to hoard for yourself in hopes they die on your phone someday when you are gone, you better start doing something about them now!

Otherwise, you will end up like the cat lady with piles lining her hallway ten, twenty, fifty years from now and your kids will curse you when they have to go in and clean up their childhood memories, in the form of digital pictures, that you have done absolutely nothing with for decades!

All the best,


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