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Video Home Inventory

The devastating news of natural disasters seems to fill the media more than ever before. In just the last year we've seen catastrophic wildfires across the country, a freak blizzard in Texas and just a few days ago record-breaking tornadoes that decimated cities across six states.

It is heartbreaking to think about what lies ahead for all of those affected in the days, months and years to come. Having to rebuild from nothing seems impossible, but communities have done it before and will do it again.

I pray you NEVER experience such loss.

I also want to encourage you to be proactive and protect yourself by making sure you have digital records of ALL the belongings you would want to be replaced if your home was ever damaged or destroyed. Without proof, insurance companies might not be as cooperative as you would think in moments you need them the most.

Before you get started, watch this short video that explains how 99.9% of the time people don't have the documentation they need in order to be reimbursed by insurance companies. If the current news doesn't motivate you, this will definitely will!

Next, complete one or both of these tasks so you know you've done everything you can on your end to protect yourself and your family!


  • Carve out an hour or two to sit next to your filing cabinet or fireproof safe and pull out all of your most important documents.

  • Take pictures of any important documents you only have in paper form such as titles of vehicles, receipts for large purchases, medical records, vaccine cards, etc...

  • Go to iPhoto, Google or whatever cloud service you use and create a "digital" folder.

  • Upload the pictures of these documents so they are all in one place.

  • Once they're in the cloud, they are protected from physical damage and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

COMPLETE A VIDEO HOME INVENTORY You can record a video home inventory all in one day or over the course of a few days. Basically, you will walk from room to room and record all of your belongings. Of course, you want to capture your most expensive items like furniture, electronics and family heirlooms, but you may have smaller items in drawers and cabinets you would want a record of as well. The more detailed the better, but something is better than nothing! Then, if you really want to cover your bases you can complete a free "Home Inventory Template" (example) from any insurance agency to include items, year of purchase, price and value. I know it seems daunting, but I would imagine thousands of people in Kentucky and Arkansas right now wished they would have done this! Of course, as time goes on this list will need updating so add it to your calendar for 6 months from now or even a year! If you don't it will be long forgotten, at least until news of the next disaster! All the best, Melissa

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