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This is Your One & Only Life So Get Intentional!

Updated: Jan 10

Are you sick of feeling like life is just happening to you? Are you so busy with commitments to/for other people that you feel like you're ringing in yet another year and haven't taken care of yourself, grown or chased your dream in quite the way you had hoped since you rang in the last year? I felt like that for many years until a life-changing event really woke me up and I realized I have so much more control than I ever gave myself credit! I decided to finally quit some things (and people), started taking risks and got very intentional about how I spent my time! In just two years since then, my life has changed dramatically. I moved to a new city, quit teaching after almost 20 years in the classroom, started my dream business, took classes, learned new skills, traveled, created communities of friends I can do real-life with on a daily basis and spent so much more QUALITY time with my family. And while there are still a lot of challenges along the way, I am so glad I have learned the power of reflection and intention in creating the life I want. And what better time to reflect and plan for 2022 than this week between Christmas and New Year's! You don't need some grand plan or resolution. You don't have to go out and buy a fancy new calendar to write in a bunch of things you won't even be doing by the end of January. All you need to do is look through your pictures and decide what/who brought you joy in this last year and intentionally plan to do more of that in 2022! This is quick, easy and something you can do anywhere, anytime! You'll be surprised at how telling your pictures are in reminding you what you want more of (and maybe even less of) as you look ahead to 2022!

  • Open the pictures on your phone

  • Go back to January of 2021

  • Scroll through all of your photos from the last year

  • Take a mental note or even write down some of the things that brought you true happiness and joy

  • Decide how you're going to do more of that in the next year

  • Put those things on a sticky note on your mirror or even add it to your calendar as a reminder to add those people/activities to your days starting as soon as this Saturday when we ring in 2022!

And I can tell you as someone who FORMERLY was not a creature of change, liked my comfort zone and pleasing people, NOTHING will happen unless you MAKE it happen! You have to reflect, plan and create in order to do all of the things you want to do "someday" in this life. Do it now because as you know 2020/2021 have taught us that nothing is guaranteed so you may as well fill your days with the people and things that bring you happiness and will leave you without regret!

I wish you a Happy New Year filled with joy, laughter, health and crushed goals!

All the best,


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