Tuesday's Tips 4 Pics

THIS is the Perfect Time to Start Small!

For those of you who want to get your pictures organized but can't even wrap your head around where to start, SUMMER is the perfect opportunity!

You probably have hundreds of memories captured on your camera from just the last few months! And STARTING SMALL will help you figure out a system that works for you!

5-10 minutes is all it takes! You can even do it while you're watching TV or hanging on the patio with a summer drink!

  1. CREATE A NEW ALBUM Whether you use iPhoto, Google Photos or any other platform all you have to do is create a new album titled, "Summer 2021."

  2. ADD ALL YOUR SUMMER PICS You don't even have to click each picture individually. Just highlight all of them from June 1st to today and add them in bulk to your newly created album.

  3. CLEAN IT UP Take a minute or two to go in and delete any pics that are doubles, junk, screenshots, grocery lists, etc...

Of course, in another month you'll have to go back in and add the rest of your summer pics!

But, that's truly all it takes... a few minutes and you can easily start organizing your favorite memories in albums!

And while organizing is a great starting point, getting all those memories printed is even more exciting! You can take your newly organized pics and create your own "Summer 2021" photo book or we'd love to create one for you if you don't have the time!

Thank you for letting me be a part of your picture journey! I love hearing stories of how you're overcoming frustrations with technology to finally get your family's story printed! In a few years, you'll be so happy you have a system for organizing the thousands of pictures you've taken and maybe even have some photo books you and your family can look at to reminisce about the "olden days" just like we had when we were growing up!

If you have any questions or need any help please let me know!

All the best,


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