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The Power of a Single Photo

A few weeks ago, I was at my parents' house and they pulled out this sweet old picture of me and my sisters that was taken sometime in the mid 80's.

Memories came flooding back I didn't even realize were there!

I remembered my sweet mullet (far left) and envying my sister who had long, beautiful locks! She was just slightly older than me and people would always ask us if we were twins. She would immediately shut that down, but I would try to pull it off as often as I could.

I idolized my oldest sister because she was so old and so cool. Every once in a while she would curl my hair while we listened to Bryan Adams records in her bedroom. And even though she would burn my forehead every once in a while I didn't care... I just felt lucky to hang out with her!

My little sister was full of life. She had the best personality and was her own little spirit. She would dance around, even at soccer games, and seemed like she didn't have a care in the world.

This picture also brings back memories of the home we grew up in on Pierce Street. To this day, I can tell you our address, home phone number, the names of our neighbors and, if I close my eyes, I can remember every square inch of that little house. I remember playing hide and go seek until dark with our friends, having sleepovers on the back porch, and climbing our giant tree that hung over our tiny little driveway.

I had such a great childhood and sometimes I forget all those special memories.... until I see one single photo.

I'm sure you have old pictures and stories just like mine.

And although 20+ years of taking digital pictures can make handing down printed photos to our kids and grandkids a little more tricky, it is just as important!

They certainly won't be scrolling through old phones and computers to find pictures of their childhood so it's up to us to make printed pictures accessible to them so they can have and tell their own stories just like us!

So take pictures of all those moments regardless of how big or small they feel. Get at least some of your pictures printed and pass them down. Your kids and grandkids will thank you someday when they have stories of the "olden days" to remember such amazing memories.

Pictures have that much power.

All the best,


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