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Quick & Easy Photo Filters

While I love taking and organizing pictures, I definitely have a lot to learn about all of the editing tools built right into my smartphone camera! Lucky for me, I get to learn new tricks from all the amazing humans I have in my photo classes each week!

My newest favorite is using filters like this comic book option in the picture below! I took this photo following a short tutorial from one of my clients and now I get to teach you! If you don't love it, your kids and grandkids will... not to mention be impressed when YOU teach THEM something about tech for once!

The directions below are for iPhone users but if you have a different device I'm sure you can find a quick YouTube video (there is one for EVERYTHING) on how to use these same filters on your phone!

And while it looks like a lot of steps, I promise it's quick and easy! Once you've done it once you won't even need these directions!

Now you can do whatever you want this picture... share, post or even print it!

I hope you have fun with this photo trick and can teach a few of your little humans along the way!

All the best,

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