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Preserve & Protect Your Memories Through Scanning

Sometimes it takes a life-changing event to realize the importance of our old, printed pictures!

Ask anyone who has had a recent wedding or funeral and they probably spent hours and hours looking at old photos to put together a slideshow, collage or even just to share stories and reminisce!

Either way, our printed pictures are priceless and we often take for granted that we have them stored in dusty, old tubs in the basement or garage.

However, preserving and protecting all those memories is more important now than ever!

The news is filled with story after story of communities unexpectedly hit by fires, floods and tornados across the country. We watch people who thought they would never experience such loss digging out of complete devastation, left with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Right here in Colorado, we saw thousands of families lose their homes to The Marhsall Fire this past December... a stark reminder that it can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

And while I'm not saying you should live in fear, I believe there are ways to be proactive in protecting the things that matter most to you, including printed pictures that could never be replaced.

And so, I hope this week's tip helps you in some way, shape or form to do just that!

Tips to Protect & Preserve Your Photos Through Scanning

Tip #1: Start small!

My husband and I just celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary and I realized our ONLY wedding photos are printed! We have hundreds of pictures in albums and envelopes... some are organized and some not so much!

Thinking I'm going to sit down to organize and scan all of those pictures would require clearing my calendar for a week or two and that's not going to happen!

But what I can do is start small... and that's just what I did!

I got out this single album from our wedding photographer and in 20 minutes scanned about 50 pictures and organized the digital copies in an album in Apple Photos.

And just like that, I have our favorite wedding pictures preserved and protected in the cloud for safe keeping!

I might go back through and scan some of the more candid photos in the next few weeks while I have my wedding bucket out but for now I am relieved to know our pictures are protected in digital form!

So, take the pressure off of this having to be a huge project that takes weeks and months and just start small, like I did, by scanning some of your most important pictures first!

Tip #2: Take our quick & easy online class!

If you need a little help, our Scanning Printed Pictures class will walk you step-by-step through the process of scanning your photos with an amazing app that not only scans but crops your pictures too!

You will also learn how to organize your newly digitized photos in the cloud!

Tip #3: Get your kids/grandkids' feedback!

Ask your kids and grandkids this question:

"20 years from now, would you rather have old family pictures in boxes and tubs or in digital form?"

My guess is they are already way more techy than you and I and 20 years from now, their entire world will be in the cloud!

You are doing them a HUGE favor by digitizing your family's story now!

They may not need those pictures for quite some time, but someday when they're planning a wedding, funeral or even just wanting to share stories with their kids and grandkids they will be incredibly grateful they can find those pictures quickly and easily in the cloud!

Remember, you don't have to tackle it all! Just get started and keep it simple! You won't ever regret having your family's memories protected in digital form, I promise!

All the best,


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