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Portrait or Landscape?

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Unless you're a professional photographer, you probably don't overthink which way to hold your phone when snapping a quick picture!

And since it's easier and more natural to hold your phone like this, the majority of your pictures are probably portrait, or taller than they are wide.

However, when you take your photos this way you often miss so much of the world around you and, by default, so much of the moment!

Look at the picture below which was taken at the same time and place as the one above. Just by turning my camera sideways, I was able to capture my humans AND the river, trees, rocks, bridge and even a little bit of the beautiful Colorado sky!

So, next time you grab your phone to take a pic turn it sideways and see how much more of the moment you can capture with just one tiny tweak!


Mixing up the type of pictures you have can make finding the perfect shot for a frame, photo book, calendar or holiday card so much easier!

Oftentimes, you will need a specific photo, whether portrait or landscape, and if you don't have a stash to choose from you might miss out on the style you really want!

And of course, if you need a photo book, want to take an online class or have any other picture need please let me know!

I am committed to helping families preserve and share their stories now and with future generations!

All the best,


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