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Over the weekend, we stumbled upon dozens of videos from over 10 years ago of our twins, who will be 12 next week. We huddled together watching footage of them talking to each other in gibberish, dancing, singing, reading books from memory and so many other priceless moments. Before we knew it, over two hours had passed filled with laughter and stories! It made me realize that as much as I plug the importance of pictures in sharing our family's favorite memories, VIDEOS are equally as valuable!

Rewind 20+ years and if you're old enough, you remember the days when we could only record video if we were lucky enough to own a camcorder.

You charged the battery way in advance, packed it up in its fancy case with all its odds and ends and then lugged it to your special occasion.

Once it was game time, you got out your camera, balanced it on your shoulder, aimed it at your favorite humans and then hit "record."

After all the hoopla, you pulled the VHS tape out of the camcorder, put it in your VCR and forced your family into sitting around the TV to watch the footage, which most likely had spotty sound and video quality.

Then, if the VHS tape wasn't full you might have taken it to your next event to record more footage (hopefully without recording over the old). When your tape was finally full, you put it on the shelf in your living room next to dozens of others with white stickers that told people what they would find if they chose to watch!

Fast forward 20+ years and we now have the ability to take amazing videos right from our phones!

We can record any moment, at any point in time without even having to think about it! We can record one minute, ten minutes or even an entire day!

And storage? Forget about it! All those videos get tucked away right on your phone so you can access them whenever you want!

So while I usually stick to sharing tips about pics, here's a few things to think about when it comes to your videos...

Video Tips:

  • Find and watch your videos! This can be a time sucker, but I promise you will laugh, cry and be filled with so much emotion you'll wonder why you don't do this regularly!

  • Open the basic camera app on your phone

  • Click the little square in the bottom left corner of your screen that has an image of your most recent photo

  • Click "ALL PHOTOS" in the top right corner

  • Click "ALBUMS" in the bottom of your screen

  • Scroll down until you see "VIDEOS"

  • Click to open

  • Start watching!

  • Take a video or two a week! Take them of everyday things with your kids and grandkids, friends and family. Someday you will look back and be filled with joy as you watch all these moments you have frozen in time!

  • Ask your loved ones who are aging to share old stories. Record them. You will love having their voice and stories to share someday when they're gone.

  • Make sure your videos are backed up in the cloud, on your computer or a hard drive before they go missing!

And as always, please let me know if I can help you with any of your picture needs! Whether you want a photo book to gift for the holidays, want to make your own with the support of an online class or prefer picture help one-on-one my goal is to help you take the stress out of finding, sharing and printing your family's favorite memories so they can be enjoyed now and for years to come!

All the best,


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