Tuesday's Tips 4 Pics

Inexpensive Accessories to Enhance Your Picture-Taking Skills!

I normally wouldn't promote buying more "STUFF" as I'm a minimalist who hates shopping however, Amazon Prime Day has great deals if you're looking for smartphone accessories to enhance your picture-taking skills!

SIDE NOTE: If you don't already know, "Amazon Prime Day" is Amazon's biggest two-day sale of the year!

Selfie Sticks

While selfie sticks are easy to poke fun at, they are great for taking pics of your crew while out and about or on vacation! They will ensure you capture more than that not-so-flattering close-up of your nose hairs and double chin!

Click HERE for Selfie Stick Deals

Smartphone Camera Lenses

Our smartphone cameras can help us take pictures that rival professional photographers of the past! However, if you're looking to up your game, take pictures for an upcoming wedding or maybe even try out a new hobby you can check out small, inexpensive lenses that attach right to your phone and help you take even more amazing photos!

Click HERE for Smartphone Lens Deals

Smartphone Tripod

If you like to take videos of your kids or grandkids playing sports or performing, tripods can serve as your steady hand! They are also great if you're on Zoom or Facetime often and will allow you to type or cook while still chatting on the phone!

They are much smaller than tripods of the past and come with flexible legs you can bend and move to create the best shot while recording!

Click HERE for Smartphone Tripod Deals

You can also check out other Amazon Prime Day deals for smartphone camera accessories by clicking HERE!

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