Tuesday's Tips 4 Pics

If You Have/Take Digital Pics, THIS is for YOU!

Have you ever had that moment when you realize how valuable something is because you suddenly can't find it?

You know "IT" is somewhere, but you have no idea where!

It could be your passport, a receipt you need in order to return something really expensive, your college transcripts, your child's birth certificate or maybe it's something as simple as your car keys!

Pictures can be the exact same way! You don't realize how valuable they are until you need them. And while you know they are all on your phone, you have no idea HOW to find the exact copies you're looking for!

Ask anyone who has had a recent graduation, wedding, milestone birthday or even a funeral!

I cannot wait to help you and am so excited to announce our new online class!

Digital Picture Bootcamp Available tomorrow, September 1st!

This class is for anyone who loves their pictures but hasn't done squat with them for decades!

Whether it's due to frustrations with technology, a lack of time or you just have no idea where to start, your pictures have simply become digital clutter.

Digital Picture Bootcamp will walk you step-by-step through 5 sessions, including:

  • Setting up Google Photos

  • Syncing ALL the digital pictures from your phone into this cloud platform

  • Organizing your digital pictures into albums

  • Cleaning up and decluttering your pictures

  • Setting up automation for future pics

The best part is that this class is self-paced so you can work on your pictures in the morning, during lunch or even before bed! You can take this class solo at Starbucks, over the weekend or even with your girlfriends while you drink wine! You can take this class whenever and however it works for you!

But I will tell you once you see how easy it is to start organizing your digital pictures even Marie Kondo, the organizer of all organizers, will be jealous!

Use this sweet spot of time now that the kids are back in school and before the chaos of the holidays to FINALLY do something with your family's favorite memories!

Who knows, maybe you will even be able to give some sentimental gifts this year because you are so on top of your photos!

Look for an email tomorrow with the link to sign up, but add it to your calendar now!

Happy September, my favorite month of the year!

And if I can help you in any way on your picture journey, please let me know!

All the best,


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