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Home Inventory: What's Your Tipping Point?

Everyone has a different tipping point. You know that moment when something hits too close to home and you FINALLY decide to do that thing that has been on your to-do list for days, months or maybe even years? For so many, a home inventory is that thing that needs to get done but it just hasn't made the top of the list for one reason or another. In our little corner of the world, the Marshall Fire was the tipping point for so many who saw incredible loss and devastation firsthand at a time and place that felt so unexpected! And just yesterday our friend's home missed the tornadoes down in Texas by just one mile! Another tipping point for thousands of others across the country! So, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I want to once again plead with you to get your home inventory done! It doesn't have to be fancy .... something is better than nothing! I have talked to so many people in the communities where I teach who had to evacuate because of the Marshall Fire. They said they literally ran around their homes in 10 minutes and took a video of every nook and cranny they could before jumping in their cars to drive away. If they can do it in 10 minutes, you can definitely get a quick version of yours done!

QUICK & EASY HOME INVENTORY Step 1: Put it on your calendar THIS WEEK! Step 2: Walk around your house and record a video of each room right from your phone. If you want to get crazy you can open closets, drawers or any other space that isn't out in the open. Step 3: Make sure a copy of your video home inventory is in the cloud. If you have an iPhone, that's easy. Your pictures and videos automatically back up to the cloud. If you don't have Apple, back up in Google Photos or even save to a flash drive you can put in a fire safe, at your parents' house or in safety deposit box at the bank.

It's truly as simple as that!

And after hearing story after story of people trying to deal with insurance companies it is clear you have to have PROOF in order to be reimbursed for all of the things you would need to be replaced if you ever experienced such loss.

You can't afford to put this off until later! I am also working on a Home Inventory CLASS for the communities where I teach and plan to share an online version with you too!

However, since it's not quite ready I want to remind you to at least get started with a quick video NOW because in this crazy world we never seem to know when and where tragedy might strike next!

I wish you a healthy start to this new season of spring!

All the best,


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