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Get Your Pictures on the BIG Screen!

Have you ever wanted to share your vacation photos with a handful of people but your phone is just too small? What if you could share all those pictures from your TV instead? Or if you're planning a milestone birthday, wedding or end-of-life celebration you can create a slideshow of memories to run in the background during your special event. All it takes is a few clicks to screencast, or mirror, your phone screen to your TV!

And while it would be great if a single set of screencasting directions applied to everyone, there are just too many devices for that to be true!

So here is the gist... AND if these directions don't work for you, spend a few minutes searching Google or YouTube and you will surely find the exact directions you need for your specific devices!

A Few Things to Note for Screencasting:

  • You must have a smart TV

  • Your devices need to be on the same wifi before you get started

  • The first time you screencast, you will be asked to enter a code on your phone that will be generated and displayed from your TV

Apple Users:

Android Users:

Since I don't have an Android myself, I can't share step-by-step directions in pictures. However, here are the written directions:

  1. Swipe down on your phone to access your notification drawer

  2. Find and select the screencast feature (on some phones it's called "Smart View")

  3. Find and select your smart TV

  4. After a few seconds your TV will mirror your phone's display

Give screencasting a shot! You might not need it YET but when you do you'll be glad you know how to share your pictures on your very own BIG screen!

All the best,


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