Tuesday's Tips 4 Pics

Get All the Info You Need By Taking a Pic With This App!

Google Lens allows you to use your smartphone camera to access endless information simply by taking a photo!

  • Love your friend's shoes? Take a picture of hers and in seconds find out where you can buy a pair for yourself!

  • On vacation in Europe and need a little help with the menu? Take a picture and Google will translate it into English.

  • Want to help your child with his homework? Take a picture of the math problem and you will be provided with an explanation on how to solve it.

  • Curious what kind of flowers are blooming along your morning walk? Take a picture and find out its scientific name, how much sunlight and water it needs and where you can buy your own!

Check out all of the amazing ways you can use Google Lens by clicking HERE.

How to download and use Google Lens:

Learning how to utilize tools like this can not only make your life a little easier but also help you gain confidence in using technology little by little!

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