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Future Generations Will Thank You!

For the last few months, I have had the opportunity to teach photo classes in local communities to people who are overwhelmed with the amount of digital clutter they have accumulated over the last 20 years! They cherish their family's memories but don't even know where to start in organizing the thousands of pictures they have sitting on their phones. It has been an amazing experience to see people become more confident in using technology and realize their pictures aren't as scary as they once thought. They learned how to use tools that take the stress out of finding, organizing and sharing their family's favorite photos. For example, in just a few clicks they learned how to:

  • Quickly find a picture of their son's graduation from 5 years ago

  • Create a folder to organize pictures from an unforgettable trip to Hawaii

  • Add all of their granddaughter's pictures to ONE folder making them easy to find and share with their friends

  • Get all of their memories from 2020, a year that will surely go down in history, in one place

  • Declutter by deleting multiple copies and junk pictures

And I would LOVE to offer this class to you too until I am able to teach in more communities, which is in the works for 2022!

Digital Picture Bootcamp ONLINE is great for anyone who:

  • Is overwhelmed with how many pictures are on their phone

  • Is easily frustrated with technology

  • Is stuck at home in quarantine and looking for ways to be productive

  • Has already watched everything there is on Netflix

  • Doesn't feel great after spending hours scrolling through other people's pictures on social media

  • Is looking for a New Year's goal to check off by the end of January because, let's be real, year-long goals never really happen

And believe me, your kids and grandkids won't be scrolling through your old phones/computers or Facebook accounts to find pictures of their childhood so it's up to you to get organized now... especially before you collect another 20 years' worth of pictures on your phone!

Digital Picture Bootcamp

Transform your digital clutter into organized memories taking the stress out of finding, sharing and printing your family’s favorite photos!

This online class includes:

  • 5 self-paced sessions

  • Teaching videos you can pause and replay

  • Step-by-step instruction on how to organize your digital pictures

  • Tools to quickly and easily find and sort your photos

  • Skills that will help you feel more confident navigating technology in order to access your photos

  • An instructor with 20 years of teaching experience

* We will use Google Photos in this class

* No previous experience is necessary

All the best,


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