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Fun New Photo Options with IOS 16

If you're an iPhone user and uploaded the latest IOS 16 update, this tip is for you!

And if not, you can skim our past Tuesday Tips 4 Pics and find one that catches your eye instead! There are over 120 nuggets and surely you have missed one or two!


Apple's new operating system has a few new photo updates! Try at least one and maybe even teach it to your kids or grandkids... they will be so impressed by your tech skills!


  • WHAT?

  • Remove the background from any photo with people

  • HOW?

  • Open any photo with people

  • Put your finger on one of the people and long hold until you see "COPY" above his/her photo

  • Click "COPY"

  • Next, open your text messages and start a new one to yourself

  • Click inside the text message box and choose the "PASTE" option

  • This will paste the photo without background into your text message

  • Click the green arrow to send your message

  • Once it's sent, go into that text message and click the download button next to the photo

  • This new picture without a background will be saved in your photo stream.

Tip #2 Photo Shuffle

This tip is one of the highlights of IOS 16 AND also takes a lot of patience! Many of the steps can be finicky so if you're not in the mood, wait until you have a plethora of time and patience stored up!

  • WHAT?

  • Mimic a digital frame right on your phone by setting up a few of your favorite pictures to automatically shuffle on your lock screen.

  • HOW?

  • Make sure your phone is off (black screen)

  • Gently touch the screen to wake it up

  • Long hold by placing your finger in the middle of your screen until you see the option "Customize" at the bottom

  • Click the blue + sign in the bottom right corner

  • Select "Photo Shuffle" from the top menu

  • First, click the drop-down menu under "Shuffle Frequency" and choose one of the following options:

  • On tap

  • On lock

  • Hourly

  • Daily

  • Next, click "Select Photos Manually" at the bottom

  • Select "All" in the top left corner so you can see all of your photos

  • Select a FEW pictures you would like to shuffle on your screen throughout the day

  • This can be finicky so make sure you are only clicking on the photos you want to see shuffled on your screen. Sometimes you might accidentally be selecting photos as you scroll without even realizing it.

  • There is a running tally of your selected pictures a the bottom of this screen. Keep an eye on this number to make sure you are only selecting a few pictures.

  • Once you've selected your photos, click "Add" in the top right corner

  • Click "Add in the top right corner again

  • Next, select "Customize Home Screen"

  • Choose the "Photos" option at the bottom

  • Find a single photo you'd like to be displayed on your home screen

  • Click "Done" in the top right corner

  • Click "Done" in the top right corner AGAIN

  • Click in the middle of the screen

  • You will have a new stash of photos that will be displayed on both your home and lock screens.


Updates are inevitable so you may as well learn how to take advantage of some of the perks!

All the best,


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