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Capturing Thanksgiving Memories

Thanksgiving was one of my favorite holidays growing up! While most of us had no idea what was going on behind the scenes, my aunt would start planning months in advance. She would carefully craft the menu, start buying food, order tables and chairs and cook for days for our family and anyone else we brought along to join in the festivities.

Sometimes a few of us would go over the day before Thanksgiving to help her make mashed potatoes and cranberries, carry furniture out to the garage and set up tables for the 50+ people who would show up the next day ready for food, family and football!

There aren't a ton of pictures floating around from the time, but the few we have hold such precious memories... pictures of people crammed into her tiny little kitchen chatting, pictures of people watching football in the basement on a single couch sitting shoulder to shoulder, pictures of people standing on her deck out front enjoying the sunshine with a beer as they caught up on life with someone they hadn't seen in a while. And since there were absolutely no stores open for holiday shopping, there are even a few pictures of us playing board games until all hours of the night!

While I am so grateful for all of those memories and, most importantly to my aunt who made it possible, I am also reminded that our current traditions are the memories our kids will take with them into adulthood.

So whatever you do this year whether it's big or small, with friends or family, in a kitchen, going out to dinner or maybe even heading out of town, take pictures of it all!

Take pictures while you're cooking. Take pictures of friends and family gathered around the table. Take pictures of people snuggled on the couch watching football. Take pictures of everyone playing games. If you like to set up the Christmas Tree after food is put away and the kitchen is clean, take pictures of that too! Take pictures of all those moments that may seem small but will be cherished memories for the next generation five, ten even twenty years down the road!

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