Tuesday's Tips 4 Pics

Baby Steps Back to Normal Life

Mask mandates have recently been lifted for so many across the country. I'm not sure how you feel about it or what life is like where you live, but I think we can all agree it is a huge change after two years of wearing them out in the world and having stashes in our cars and homes... something we never even thought about before 2020! And now, for the first time in years, our kids and grandkids will be able to read people's lips and facial expressions during their long days at school. People in the service industry might not have to strain so hard to understand and be understood. Babies and toddlers will be able to learn how to communicate and relate to strangers in a new way. I had a taste of this last week when teaching my first in-person photo class without a mask... I could not believe how exciting it was to actually see people's faces! I was also able to spend less time projecting my voice and enunciating my words and more time connecting with people like I did as a classroom teacher for so many years. I don't think any of us realized how valuable it is to see people's faces until we couldn't see them anymore in our day-to-day lives outside of the home! And now we are getting that privilege back and I hope we appreciate it more than ever before! I've been reflecting on the impact of not just masks but life as we've known it for the last few years and I think we can all agree we are ready for some sort of normal life to finally return! How does this all relate to pictures you ask? Well, during these last few years we have spent less time with our loved ones, more time working from home, having meetings, classes and social gatherings on Zoom, not being able to travel, social distancing and so many other things that have sadly meant missing out on life as we knew it! We haven't been able to create memories like we used to and so by default we have taken fewer pictures over the last two years than probably ever before! So as you move forward, whatever that looks like for you, don't forget to take pictures of ALL the things, big and small! We have a lot of time, memories and family stories to make up for! Take pictures of your friends and family even when you feel awkward asking everyone to pose for a photo. Take pictures at sports events, concerts, kids' school events, dinner with friends, birthday celebrations... remember all those things that we lived without for far too long? Having photos of these memories will be priceless as you tell stories to future generations about what life was like surviving and recovering from a worldwide pandemic!

I truly hope you are healthy, well and starting to spend more and more time with your loved ones creating memories and enjoying life!

All the best,


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