Our Story

With a passion for pictures, stories and organization, I have been making photo books and calendars for my family and friends for over 10 years. 

Eventually, I started teaching other women how to do the same and realized the challenges so many face.


While technology is making it effortless to take more pictures than ever, people are also printing less than ever before. Whether it’s due to busyness, frustrations with technology or just not knowing where to start, so many family’s stories have become digital clutter in the form of thousands of pictures just sitting on people's phones.


So in 2019, I decided to leave teaching and start Memories for Generations with the goal of helping women preserve and share their family’s stories.


While I will continue to create photo books and calendars, I am also excited to launch online classes this year to teach women how to create their own keepsakes and become more confident using technology.